Reincarnational Astrology provides us specific tools to determine the time when specific events have occured in eternity of time, whether it's in our previous or next incarnations. Time is a circular, or more precise – spiral. So, past or future events defined in the spiral Time, no matter how far from now, are always connected with us through strings between incarnations, and therefore significantly influence the life that we live now. More than that – events that are happening in previous incarnations represent corner stones in ones destiny. Definining those events in time and even space – allows as to be in touch with the energy vortex of ones karma, and transform all the negativity that we cary in our memory.

Our complete Being is widespread in three different time locations, or three different incarnations. The goal of Karmic Astrology is to define those three parts of the One and to define ways of balancing them, which is the first step to their unification.

Karmic Astrology course, module I – previous incarnation (8 weeks, cost $400, suitable for the beginner, or advanced astrology student)

- Our life story in previous incarnations. Who we were in past lives? How does this personality differs from our personality today? Where do we find the most important relations that we’ve made in past life? Eight Factors which defines Previous Incarnation.

Karmic Astrology course, module II - the next incarnation (8 weeks, cost $400, suitable for advanced astrology student)

- Our life story in the next incarnation and how it relates to today’s life and actions. What’s the purpose of our future incarnation be­ing? How can we connect with our future life?

Karmic Astrology course, module III – the Karma of Now (8 weeks, cost $400, suitable for the advanced astrology student, together with the Karmic Astrology course, modul I and II will qualify for Karmic Astrology certificate of Kepler Institute program)

  • How exactly do we create Karma? Can we change our life chang­ing cause and effect codes that simultaneously create our previous and next incarnations? In this module we will define exactly when in time some events has happened in previous or in future incarna­tion, what caused them, and how we can balance them now.


Hermetic Astrology Education with Aleksandar Imsiragic starts on Thursday, Nov 17, 2016.

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