Gisele TerryPresident of the ISAR

Gisele Terry

I attended the Eleventh Balkan International Astrology Conference in Belgrade, and I saw many interesting and beautiful sites in Belgrade. The site that moved me the most on personal level was the Kepler Institute of Astrology. The Kepler Institute invites students into the world of astrology through its comprehensive curriculum, its abundant library with astrology publications from all over the world, and its dedicated staff with Aleksandar and Lea, as their directors and teachers. The design of the school brings astrology’s full enchantment and knowledge to each student on a visual as well as a scholastic level. Through color and light, the astrology angel clock, astrological and mythical renderings on all four walls, and on the ceilings, the tables lined with beautiful astrology mandalas of famous individuals, the student takes in astrology with all his or her sense perceptions. And this coexists with rigor and discipline of Kepler’s astrological education. Aleksandar and Lea Imsiragic have created a solid and successful school of astrology in Belgrade, Serbia . They have brought the highest standard of astrological education to their part of the world.

Raymond MerrimanPresident of the ISAR from 2003 to 2009

Raymond Merriman

Kepler Institute in Belgrade is truly one of the most outstanding schools in the world for astrological education. I have traveled around the world and visited many of the great astrology schools from Zurich to Buenos Aires to Melbourne, Australia and of course in the United States. It is my opinion that the administration, curriculum, and nature of the classes offered, as well as the guest the international speaker programs offered by Kepler, qualifies it as one of the exceptional learning centers of the world for astrology.

Deborah Houldingone of the UK's top astrologers

Deborah Houlding
Kepler students in Belgrade were so attentive and showed an impressive ability to connect very easily to the ideas I presented in my workshop, which was very satisfying for me as a presenter of ideas. I know this happens when students are well trained and have a clear understanding of the most central astrological principles so well done to Aleksandar and Lea for all the work they are doing in the School, and for building such an active community of astrologers in Belgrade. Thank you for your wonderful conference and workshop experience. I enjoyed the event tremendously, especially the creativity and artistry that surrounded the conference experience. I have attended many large international conferences but have never seen such a professionally designed and inspiring conference opening, which perfectly connected with my view fact that astrology is not only intellectually stimulating, but quite awesome in its emotive potential, and invigorating for all the senses. I was struck by the careful attention to detail, not only at the conference itself, but at the School where the workshop was held.  Kepler Institute obviously has a gift and a sincere passion for this subject, which is reflected in the beauty that surrounds Kepler’s classroom facilities. I intend to try to emulate this – sometime.

John Frawleyis a traditional astrologer, writer and educator

John Frawley
It was a pleasure to lecture at the Kepler Institute in Belgrade. The warmth and friendliness of my reception were remarkable, and the organisers - Aleksandar and Leah Imsiragic - made every effort to ensure my visit to Belgrade was a memorable one.
I was particularly impressed by the level of astrological knowledge that they have instilled in the students at the Institute. So often when I lecture I am constantly having to explain basic principles. This inevitably keeps all teaching at an elementary level. At Kepler, however, I quickly found I could take for granted that my audience had a thorough grounding in the subject, enabling me to move beyond the basics to treat the subject in depth.  

Glenn Perryastrological therapist, consultations, and School of AstroPsychology

Glenn Perry
Kepler Institute is a first class, all-around astrological institution. It’s sterling faculty, beautiful facilities, and cutting edge technology place it amongst the world’s best. The administration of the school is efficient, reliable, and able to evolve with the times. I highly recommend Kepler Institute for students at all levels.

Tad Mannis an American astrologer, author, designer and artist

Tad Mann
When I came to the Kepler School in Belgrade I was surprised at how professional and complete the entire running of the school was. Aleksandar and Lea had every detail in hand, and everything ran extremely smoothly. I was also impressed by the graphics they created to accent the introductions and the talks, and their ability to make available the very highest quality technology. Each event and talk was videoed, shown simultaneously on a larger screen, and every element fit into place. Their wonderful associate translated my talks simultaneously and one of my books was there, complete in Serbian, when I arrived. Their school is also run beautifully, with an abundance of students, books, publications, CDs and all. I think they are a fine example of how to run an astrological school with the highest professionalism.

David Cochraneis the main author of the Kepler and Pegasus program

David Cochrane
The Kepler Institute in Belgrade is more than an excellent school of astrology; it is an achievement of even historical significance. With the development of Kepler Institute, Eastern Europe has moved to the forefront of astrological education. Since the early 1900's, England has been a leader in astrological education. With strong roots in the theosophical movement, England pioneered some of the world's best schools of astrology. Now in the 21st century there continue to be fine schools of astrology in England and Western Europe, but, in my opinion, Eastern Europe has accelerated more rapidly, and has now also become a world leader in astrological education. Aleksandar and Lea Imsiragic have incorporated the latest developments in astrological theory into the curriculum at Kepler Institute, and their school provides a broad spectrum of courses that ensure that the student receives a comprehensive education. By associating the school with other progressive international developments in certification and professionalism, the Kepler Institute in Belgrade is not only a leading center of astrological education now, but we can also expect that it will continue to grow and adapt to developments and changes in the future. Students at Kepler Institute receive not only a broad and comprehensive astrological education but also the practical and in-depth training that is required to become proficient as a professional in the field of astrology. Their highly acclaimed annual Balkan Conferences enable students to also experience lectures and seminars with leading astrologers from around the world. In short, Kepler Institute is an extraordinary achievement and the graduates of Kepler Institute are assured of receiving one of the best educations in astrology available today. They can be proud to be graduates of an educational institution that has received international recognition, and is leading the way to a much more rigorous and sophisticated level of astrological understanding and astrological practice. Achieving excellence is not easy, but the rigorous educational program at Kepler Institute challenges the students to develop the expertise required for them to become highly successful and fully qualified professional astrologers. My wife and I found the Avalon School of Astrology in Florida which, like Kepler Institute, provides an almost equaly sophisticated and comprehensive astrological education, and we have developed a program of exchanging credits with Kepler Institute. I am thrilled that our school has this strong association with Kepler Institute and that a new level of astrological education is developing at important centers of education around the world.

Robert Correteaches an internet-based classical astrology program based on the system of Morin de Villefranche

Robert Corre
Johannes Kepler Institute of Astrology provides a unique opportunity for the serious individual interested in pursuing a career as a professional astrologer. The Institute's modern facility supports the latest technology that helps create an educational setting that is unmatched for such a training.
Most importantly, the faculty led by the Institute's founder, Aleksandar Imsiragic provides students with a rigorous and comprehensive three year program in this perennial tradition. A student's progress is carefully monitored and ample opportunity is given to the individual to work with faculty on an individual basis.
I highly recommend the Johannes Kepler Institute to anyone who seriously seeks a career in this helping profession.

Robert Blaschkefounder of Earthwalk School of Astrology

Robert Blaschke
I was most impressed with the Johannes Kepler Institute run by Aleksandar and Lea Imsiragic in Belgrade. The students at their school were highly educated and quite intellectually sophisticated, with doctors, lawyers, engineers and other technical professionals among the class participants.
The classroom environment was first class, a commercial office space furnished with high quality desks, seating and lighting, beautiful astrological artwork, and it also contained an impressive library. The curriculum was demanding and comprehensive, with question and answer exams being required after the workshops I taught as a guest instructor.
The thing I most admire about the Serbian astrologers is their love of impeccable technique and the metaphysical or theoretical underpinnings for why those techniques work on a spiritual level.
There was a social graciousness that I found in the students at the Kepler Institute - an atmosphere of friendliness and dedication pervaded the classroom environment - and this is a tribute to the personal qualities of the owners of the school.
Aleksandar is a born leader and astrology scholar. He and his wife have literally built and developed the most dynamic astrology school in all of Europe.

Monica Hable Dimino, ISAR C.A.P.ISAR director

Monica Hable Dimino, ISAR C.A.P.
The Kepler Institute is a State of the Art facility to study astrology. In all my travels I have never seen another like it. It has a classroom with computers at every desk. An ample library of books surrounds the study area. Screens to project class work are provided next to the professor's desk. Tools for visual support show up in colorful dials and horoscopic symbols. The classroom itself would be anyone's dream.
But there is an added ingredient that surely creates the most appropriate setting for all learning: art and color that decorate the room. And a sound system can pour out smoothing or invigorating sounds to accompany lessons. You have to see it to believe it. We have nothing to compare in the US.
No wonder the graduates of the Kepler Institute are some of the best astrologers in the world.

Patricia L. WalshEvolutionary Astrologer certified by Jeffrey Wolf Green

Patricia L. Walsh
I was honored to present at the Kepler Institute and Conference in 2011.  This was my first trip to Serbia so my inner senses were quite attuned to ‘feeling out’ the general psychic climate. Intense on many levels, is the shortest description I can offer.  After my visit to the Kepler Institute, it is clear to me that Aleksandar and Lea Imsiragic, have started a brand new Renaissance, in a country with a long difficult history that is in need of deep healing. The energy and enthusiasm of the founders and students is only matched by their professionalism and the obvious ‘light’ they shine!!!! The Kepler Institute in Serbia is not only a beacon for their local region, but is a model for the noble tradition of what astrology stands for “Truth is the daughter of time, and I feel no shame in being her midwife”….. Johannes Kepler

Chris McRaeVice President of the ISAR Board of Directors

Chris McRae

On two separate occasions I have had the pleasure of visiting and teaching at the superb Kepler Institute in Belgrade. The curriculum matches and even surpasss the learning at many other such institutions around the world where I have been invited. The classroom facility is beautifully laid out, with inspirational decor, the latest equipment, extensive library, and well informed teachers. It is like walking into a universal world of education and enlightenment. The value of astrology is uplifted in such a friendlly and inviting environment. I love it there.