The year ahead of us is one of the most fascinating
in our recent history because we will have five quite rare
Great Planetary Conjunctions!

Slow moving planets create Great Planetary Conjunctions with each other (slow moving planets are usually considered to be Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto). What makes the year 2020 unique is the fact that we will have three conjunctions between Jupiter and Pluto and one conjunction between Saturn and Pluto in the very beginning of the year; as well as the most important conjunction of the year between Jupiter and Saturn on the Winter Solstice of 2020, December 21st, 2020.

This is one of those years that brings all of humanity to an important crossroads, as well as people on an individual level. Knowing that we have a total of five Great Planetary Conjunctions in one year, we can certainly expect significant awakenings of consciousness, both globally and individually.

Consciousness Awakening Through The Eye of Time Project!

The Eye of Time Project is entirely dedicated to the year 2020. A team of professionals dedicated to astrological research and expansion of consciousness has created a unique project named “The Eye of Time Project”. The team members are Aleksandar Imsiragic, ISAR President; Dr. Lea Imsiragic, an astrologer and Intuitive and Success Coach; and Gaisheda Kheawok from Canada, ‘The Messenger of the Mother” who, for the last 30 years, has been travelling around the globe communicating with Mother Earth. Hayley Garrigus, a journalist from New York City will follow the team and create video clips about the journey. Astrology students will join the team during certain parts of the trip. The main purpose of this voyage is to ignite change in consciousness through a change in time.

The year 2020 is significant for providing us with a unique opportunity to change the state of our consciousness through time (many planets will make the Great Conjunctions specifically in the sign of Capricorn - the sign of time and karma). We will accomplish this change of consciousness by entering 2020 two times at its very beginning and creating “The Eye of Time”. We would be the both the first people and the last people to enter 2020. To accomplish this mission, we need to be close to the International Date Line, the reason we chose to be located on the island of Samoa (in the South Pacific).


This island is known to be precisely next to the International Date Line AND it is also very close to American Samoa, which is known to be closest to the International Date Line from the other side. Therefore, we will we enter January 1st, 2020 for the first time by being on the island of Samoa; and then we will travel to American Samoa, crossing the International Date Line, therefore returning to December 31st, 2019 and then again entering January 1st, 2020! The experience of this shift in time will provide us with an opportunity to create an entrance in consciousness connected to the energy of the beginning of the New Year. Given the fact that the position of the nodes in astrology points out the nature of the Dragon’s Head (North Node) and the Dragon’s Tail (South Node), it is very important for us to integrate this energy.

That is to say that integration of a Dragon entails connecting opposites, which is our ultimate goal. We feel that it is extremely important to be located in specific places on the planet in specific times. This way, we will be able to offer the biggest contribution and balance to the collective consciousness, as well as in our individual lives.


We are offering a FREE Webinar on “The Eye of Time”
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of Saturn and Pluto on the 12/13th of January, 2020 and
the important and transformational opportunity it offers.



After our stay, we will welcome the first Big Conjunction of Saturn and Pluto occurring on January 12th 2020. This conjunction will be fourfold, because it will take place in the sign of Capricorn, on Saturn’s South Node, and with the Sun and Mercury joining in the party. Therefore, we will have four planets along with Saturn’s South Node on the same degree, which is a very rare event. This could awaken deep subconscious memories and various traumas that still linger in our collective consciousness from ancient times. All traumas that exist in our personal Being exist in our collective consciousness as well. The key is to exist in an absolute lightness of being to allow the collective energies this conjunction stirs up to be healed.

On the day of the Big Conjunction we will leave the island of Samoa and travel to the Heart Chakra of the planet Earth - Morea Island in the Pacific Ocean. This island is very special because it is shaped like a heart. At the time of the Big Conjunction we will be located on Morea Island, where we shall effortlessly be able to connect the opposites. From that place on the Earth we will work on connecting the events left lingering unconnected and memorized as points of conflict from the earliest times. We will dedicate our time to engaging in specific spiritual work which will entail connecting to the energies of our planet. Gaisheda Kheawok, Chief of the Seneka tribe of North America and an expert in connecting to the energies of Mother Earth, will accompany us on this journey. Connecting to the Light nature of the Angels will allow us to connect to the opposites of the Sky and the Earth.


By enabling that juxtaposition of opposites, in that place and in that moment, we will bridge old memory that has not been resolved, and thus we will create a new dimension of reality that manifests in our lives. This is the main goal of this project and the way the participants of this project will contribute to balancing these challenging aspects. Lea and I will have one special webinar dedicated to this event, on the conjunction day of Saturn and Pluto. We will be running this webinar for free from Morea, the site of the Earth's heart chakra, and will be able to get everyone involved across our planet and gain more insight into the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto, as well as the importance of 2020.

alex i lea


Chakras of the Planet Earth

It is important to mention that Planet Earth is a living being and, just like people, it has its own chakras.

Each continent is dedicated to a specific chakra - Europe is associated with Jupiter's chakra and the seat of that chakra is in Glastonbury, England. Asia is associated with Saturn's chakra, and the seat of that chakra is at Mount Kailash. The throat chakra seat is located in northern California, on Mount Shasta. On the other hand, the headquarters of the first chakra is located in South Africa, on the Table Mountain, the headquarters of the second chakra is located in South America within Lake Titicaca. The solar, third chakra is located in Australia, and its seat is in the heart of Australia - the part where Uluru Mountain is located. Therefore, the upper chakras are located exactly in the northern hemisphere, while the lower chakras are located in the southern hemisphere.


However, the Lunar Chakra is located between them in the Pacific region, on the island of Morea in the Tahiti archipelago. Thus the entire Pacific is dedicated to the water field of emotions, in which the memory of all our emotional, collective events and all memories of that field reside.

alex i lea


The goal this time is a very beautiful integration of consciousness across the globe and I believe the Kepler team will really make a fine balance and contribute to sustaining this experience, both collectively and on a personal level.


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