Kepler Association for professional astrologers supports academic approach to astrology, providing its members develop professional standards in astrology.

To acquire CAP Certificate of Professional Astrologers will need:

  • To the student of the Institute successfully completed four years of study
  • That it has completed at least one specijalizacju (astrology consultant, lecturer and astrologer astrologer Hermetists)
  • To have any legal astrological software

Every student graduating in astrology consultant, is capable of independently doing astrological consultations with clients and being placed on the official list of astrologers, followed by the Astrological Institute. Astrologer Consultant shall be presented and recommended as a qualified astrologer to the website of the Institute, and with this status, a graduate Astrologer Consultant may apply for employment within the Institute.

Every student graduating in astrology lecturer, who is able to establish his astrological school program that includes equipment and areas covering the first two years of study at the Institute, and Lecturer astrologer is able to organize education for students up to the level of Astrologers Consultant. To be able to educate students to the level of Astrologers lecturer, takes his status is above for the status of teaching other students, which means that it takes to reach the graduate level of education. The conditions for the completion of graduate studies, the student will be notified after the first year of schooling.

Any Graduate Astrologer speakers will be placed on the official list of Astrologers Lecturers backed by the Astrological Institute. Also, with this status, Graduate Astrologer teacher can apply for employment within the Institute and working as a lecturer of the Institute.

The highest status within the regular study of the Kepler Institute can achieve is the status of graduate Astrologers Hermetists, and those students who attain this status fulfilling all the above mentioned conditions and represent the elite of the Kepler Institute.

Highest quality term papers and theses astrologer and astrology Hermetists lecturer, will be presented on the website of the Institute, and these astrologers acquire appropriate recommendations for the their participation in international conferences, as well as the support of the establishment of cooperation with foreign astrologers and astrological institutions.

Furthermore, Consultants Astrologers, Astrologers Lecturers and Astrolzi hermeticist - as CAP Certified Professional Astrologers have a special and lasting benefits of Kepler Institute for the its further development, in the form of special discounts for attending seminars astrological, astrological conferences astrological and purchase books.

In addition to its certificate of professional astrologer who CAP is issued, it supports ISAR program for international professional astrology certification in such a way that through Kepler Institute provides the necessary academic level of astrological education, a very organized ISAR CAP's seminar "Astrological ethics" and "skills consultation ", which are essential prerequisites for obtaining ISAR CAP (ISAR certified professional astrologer) - and organizes ISAR test to verify the level of acquired knowledge.

That students can obtain ISAR International Certificate of Professional Astrologers, you must meet the following requirements:

  • If he finished his education up to the astrologer consultant, lecturer and astrologer astrologer Hermetists To pass the test ISAR Astrology Ethics
  • To attend and pass the ISAR training in consultation skills
  • To lay ISAR test to verify the level of astrological knowledge