The Institute was founded in July 2005, in Belgrade. Director of the Institute is Aleksandar Imsiragic, author of many specialist publications in various astrological areas and astrology teacher. More than thousand students attended his school.

During the past years the Institute has established significant collaboration with two international astrological institutions.

After the educational program of the Institute has been fully approved by ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research), 5 students of the Institute received scholarships in value of 1.500 USD for further astrological education. Also, all students that complete three year studies at our Institute and obtain corresponding certificate, at the same time meet the main precondition for obtaining ISAR’s international astrological certificate.

Another institution the Institute “Johannes Kepler” has developed cooperation with is the Association of Russian Professional Astrologers (SPA). Two organizations established permanent students exchange program during the conferences in Moscow, Sankt Petersburg and Belgrade.

Kepler Association for Professional Astrology (KAPA) and Association of Russian Professional Astrologers (SPA) made agreement on mutual recognition of the status of professional astrologers for all students completing studies at the Kepler Institute or corresponding Russian astrological schools and academies.

The main lecturers in the Institute – Lea and Aleksandar Imsiragic are astrologers awarded by ISAR’s certificate (ISAR C.A.P.), as well as Tea Milankovic.

Method of studies at our Institute includes education through regular lectures held by prominent domestic and foreign astrologers, mandatory seminars, workshops with teaching assistants and practice with clients, as well as through international astrological conferences – providing every student comprehensive and quality academic knowledge in astrology and needed skill, that enable them to become part of world family of astrologers.