The Institute for Astrological Research and Education „Johannes Kepler“ was founded with goal to support and encourage researches in the field of astrology, to provide academic approach to astrology in order to rise standards of astrological knowledge and to enable astrology and astrologers to acquire adequate status within society.

The Institute’s mission is: to raise reputation and credibility of astrology in the public; to enable linking and application of astrology with other branches of knowledge; to provide astrological consultation to citizens with educated astrologers, which poses needed knowledge and skills, but being responsible professionals familiar with astrological ethics as well.

By Institute’s methodology, modified in compliance with long-term experience, its student has opportunity:

  1. To attend three year studies whereby the student obtains a high astrological education harmonized with the requirements prescribed by the ISAR’s international standard for astrological education and accordingly it represents the main precondition for obtaining international astrological certificate awarded by the ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research).
  2. To obtain adequate Institute’s certificates which are verifying various levels of acquired astrological knowledge and skills within Institute’s programs and courses.
  3. To do researches, through access to astrological databases, international and domestic astrological literature, participation in research projects, and presentation of her/his own findings and results both in front of domestic and international astrological public.
  4. Multidisciplinary approach to astrology by combining astrology with other disciplines, such as: psychology, economy, medicine, meteorology...
  5. To develop astrological way of thinking and deduction which will enable deeper insight into her/his own horoscope, as well as better understanding of itself and own potentials which will strengthen her/his capacities for higher quality, more conscious and happier life.
  6. Possibility to practice astrology professionally and to get engagement within the Institute.
  7. To get acquainted with work of foreign astrologers and institutions and link with them; create friendships, exchange ideas and cooperate with astrologers and astrological organizations both in the country and abroad.