During 2nd year of astrological studies student is trained to use extended number of astrological predictive techniques, from the very basic to the advanced ones. Beside that, through numerous workshops, student gets insight what techniques are more suitable for particular person and how to combine various techniques in order to achieve the most complete and accurate timing of an event. Here student integrates new knowledge on astrology prognostic with knowledge on natal astrology, which will by the end of 4th semester provide her/him capacity to do complete interpretation of the natal chart and to conduct comprehensive consultation with a client.

Besides prediction techniques, 2nd year curriculum also includes astrology of relations and practical methods of electoral and horary astrology.

Second Year Curriculum

Second year of astrological studies at Institute „Johannes Kepler“ consists of 120 regular lectures, 32 mandatory seminar lessons, 12 workshops and one practice in consultation with client.

Regular lectures

In scope of 10 months studies, student attends 120 regular lectures within 9 subjects:

1. The Introduction to Astrological Prognostic
Basis of the predictive astrology lays in natal astrology. This subject provides insight on planetary rulers, planetary cycles, theory of time – linear and circular, life cycles. It gives overview of predictive techniques and their link with various levels of reality from witch they operate.

2. The Predictive Techniques I

  • Orb arcs
  • Primary directions
  • Slow transits
  • Secondary progressions
  • Tertiary progressions
  • Harmonic progressions

3. The Predictive Techniques II

  • Saturn and Jupiter returns
  • Solar return
  • Enneads
  • Lunar return and lunar directions
  • Planetary returns
  • Eclipses and lunation

4. The Predictive Techniques III

  • Embolismic lunation and cycles of repeated aspects
  • Progressive declinations
  • Profections
  • Firdarie

5. The Rectification
Within this subject student gets skill to determine exact birth time (when it is unknown) based on significant events in life of particular individual, which can be confirmed by comparative application of predictive techniques.

6. The Art of Interpretation
Here is presented comprehensive technique that provides higher quality in astrological practice with clients. It includes practical application of both natal and predictive astrology. This subject presumes practical work with client, which is also the model of how exam is realized.

7. The Astrology of Relations
The Astrology of Relations represents astrology area studying relations between two or more individuals, based on their natal charts’ relation/interaction. Using synastry techniques, composite and Davison’s charts in Astrology of Relations student gets ability to estimate role of one person in the life of the other as well as degree of their compatibility on mental, emotional and sexual levels. Additionally, there are presented predictive methods in The Astrology of Relations applicable both on Davison’s and synastry charts. These methods provide skill to determine when certain relation will start, as well as when eventual critical moments will occur.

8. The Electional Astrology
Calculation and determination of the most advantageous moment to start some activity – in order to secure its success - is the constitutive part of astrological practice. Within this subject are presented codes for identification and selection of the most favorable moment for marriage, to start business, to build a house, to move, to go to the trip, etc. Application of the ruler of the hour technique is one of electional astrology specifics.

9. The Horary Astrology
Practical application of the synchronicity model, where answer and question are connected by the same moment – the one when the question is “accidentally” asked, is studied within this subject. There are charts made for moments when questions are asked and their main purpose is to give clear and direct answers.

Mandatory seminars in 2nd year

During 2nd year of studies student is obliged to attend 4 mandatory seminars, consisting of 32 lessons in total.

1. The History of The Astrology – seminar (8 lessons)
History of the astrology is constitutive part of astrological education where student is introduced to astrology origins, its branching and development since the ancient period until 19th century. It presumes researches on evolution of astrological techniques and its philosophy, but also introduction to work and accomplishments of the most significant astrologers from the antic to modern age.

2. The Astronomy in The Astrology – seminar (8 lessons)
The main purpose of this seminar is to introduce student to real celestial structure and bodies, with the emphasis to the celestial sphere and coordinate systems. Further more, there are presented planetary positions and their visibility in a specific period of the day and year, as well as astronomical measures to determine planetary and stars position and their conversion to astrological position within tropical Zodiac. Additionally, seminar teaches on astronomical cycles of eclipses and cycles of specific planets.

3. The Mechanic of Conscious – seminar (8 lessons)
This seminar presents definition of conscience and mechanics of event. There are elaborated following topics: relation between determinism and free will; the mechanism to overcome karma; how to find the personal goal and/or mission; the purpose of the practical consultation with client.

4. The Optional Seminar of Foreign Lecturer – seminar (8 lessons)
Student can chose any seminar conducted by foreign lecturers, in minimal duration of 8 lessons.