Pillars of Destiny is a unique book about the influence of the fixed stars based on the constellations' mythological code.

The book describes the influences of 291 stars from the empirical or the traditional point of view, as well as giving the mythological code of any given constellation.

Moreover, special attention is paid to some 54 constellations, which are thoroughly analyzed.Astrological interpretations are given for their influence on life stories.

The book is illustrated with 50 example charts which describe the influence of 100 different fixed stars.

A separate chapter,“Anatomy of Constellations,” presents the symbolic relationship between stars and body parts, or the images they represent within the constellations.


Book Review

What an amazing book!

Over 600 pages long and very well organized for easy reference, “Pillars of Destiny” by Aleksandar Imsiragic is destined to become THE standard guide on Fixed Stars for astrologers for many years to come. There is nothing as comprehensive, detailed, and thorough on the subject as this incredible work. It analyzes and interprets the meaning of each fixed star in each sign and degree of the zodiac. It describes its mythological importance as well as its modern application to astrological interpretation. I never knew, for instance, that there were 11 significant stars in Capricorn, my Sun sign. I never knew the meanings or the mythological background of these stars, or the planetary dynamics associated with them. It is totally fascinating to read this.

I think this will be one of the most valuable reference books for professionals and students of astrology the world over. Thank you for writing this, and I highly recommend this book to all astrologers and students of astrology.

          Raymond Merriman, Astrologer, President of the International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR), 1994-2000, 2002-2008, and current as of 2015-2016.


Fixed stars have been a fundamental part of astrology for over two thousand years but we have very few resources for understanding them. Aleksandar Imsiragic's book Pillars of Destiny fills this need and does it brilliantly. This book is based on an enormous amount of research into astrology and also into the ancient wisdom contained in the mythology of the constellations and fixed stars. There are fresh and interesting ideas and new insights throughout this book. This is a book that you can refer to over and over again to help gain new insights into the astrological significance of fixed stars.

David Cochrane, Cosmic Patterns Software and the Avalon School of Astrology


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