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Wheel of Destiny

If astrology were considered a science, it would be a science of relationship. The moment our mind and body disappear, the relationshipbetween the mind and body still survives, and this is what we call the Soul. As such, the Soul is eternal, it keeps evolving and creating what we call destiny.

Every relationship we create with another person forms an abstract entity that exists as an indestructible factor. We change it through the communication that unfolds between our mind and body, i.e., our conscious and unconscious parts, as well as all the polarities we keep facing in life, thus programming our own fate.

Therefore, astrology provides us with the end result of the qualities within one relationship – and the sum of all the relationships we have is our Soul.

Some of the areas that this book covers are:

  • How is an Event Created?
  • The Trinity of Astrological Language
  • Planet, their dignity and Stationary Planets
  • The Ruler of the Ascendant
  • House Rulers
  • Dispositors
  • Astrological Series 1 - 12
  • A Psychological Portrait and our Intentions
  • Love and Marriage
  • Sexuality and Sexual Affinities
  • Finances

Paperback: 440 pages